I was customizing my upgraded 2013 environment (from CRM 2011).

Trying to make form layout structure to match new CRM 2013 look, I decided why not to use much talked about Notes/Action/Post tab on top of page.

1. I moved it to top and published the changes. It showed only notes. Posts and Activities were not visible to my eyes. So sad!

2. Read some blogs, regarding upgraded tenants. Suggestion was to activate post configuration for custom entities.  And if that is missing, update Sitemap to get that entity back in CRM Sitemap. Done with fingers crossed.

3. Opened Post configuration entities and activated post configuration for my entity. Published the entity. Removed Notes and Re-inserted those on the forms. Still no luck and my head is at its full pace thinking of what I am missing.

4. And finally, like a voice from heaven. Something pushed me to make a copy of my Existing Main form. Did that . And published. 

Wow. Finally I can see Notes / Post / Activities.

Deactivated the old form. And using new form now. Still looking for any issue because of these changes.

Hope it helps someone 🙂



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